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With the world of equality, diversity and discrimination law changing so rapidly, the need for accurate, up-to-date and authoritative information and guidance is more important than ever.

Equal Opportunities Review (EOR) is the essential guide to steer you and your organisation through the maze.

EOR Online gives you access to the current issue of the journal, an archive of past issues, extensive information on discrimination law and practice and much more. If you already subscribe to EOR, log-in now to access this wealth of material.

If you are not a subscriber then feel free to take a look around. You don't need a password to browse our topics or even to search EOR Online, but you must be a subscriber to read binary minimum deposit the full text of articles or case reports on the site.

22 QCs... on the hot employment law issues for 2016-2017

Thursday 29 September 2016
Friday 30 September 2016

Strand Palace Hotel, London
Devised and chaired by Michael Rubenstein
Our unrivalled employment law updating conference has now confirmed its speakers and topics!

This year's programme has been handpicked to reflect those issues likely to be of concern to you in 2016 and the speakers are 22 of the UK's leading employment and discrimination best binary options brokers with low minimum deposit law Queen's Counsel.

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We are pleased to announce a major revision to our blog, Michael Rubenstein Presents ... Expertise on equality, diversity and discrimination law, accessible at: We encourage you to view the postings on developments in diversity and equality law, written by experts including Michael Rubenstein, Darren Newman, Sue Johnstone, and others.

Equal Opportunities Review

Equal Opportunities Review (EOR) is the market leading journal on equality, diversity and discrimination law and practice. It has been publishing for 25 years and has over 200 issues under its belt. With a fully searchable website,, holding an extensive archive of all EOR issues, the service offers our customers an accurate, authoritative and up to date set of information with which to keep on top of the rapidly changing area of law.

A subscription to EOR includes full access to EOR Online.

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Michael Rubenstein Publishing is a small independent publisher with a commitment to producing the most authoritative and up-to-date information on discrimination law and to delivering the highest standards of customer services. Our publisher is Michael Rubenstein, one of the UK's leading authorities in this complex area of law, who also writes for all of our titles.

Established in October 2007,  its portfolio of titles includes the leading journal Equal Opportunities Review and the annual publication Discrimination: A Guide to the Relevant Case Law.

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What's New?

In October's issue (EOR 271)

Our main feaure this month looks at equality issues for employers post the EU referendum. We have two case studies on autism and flexible working. In our trade unions section, we have an article from Usdaw on supporting older women, as well as a number of TUC reports. (...more)

(24 Sep 2016)

Diary: Sexual harassment 30 years on

This has been a month of déjà vu for me, with new research on sexual harassment in the workplace seemingly suggesting that little progress has been made since I first wrote extensively about these problems nearly 30 years ago in my expert report for the European Commission, The dignity of women at work (see EOR 18). (...more)

(24 Sep 2016)

Diary: Gender pay gap

This summer we had a report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies, which headlined that more than 30 years after implementation of the Equal Pay Act, the average hourly wages of female employees are currently about 18% lower than men’s on average. (...more)

(24 Sep 2016)

Diary: Burkinis and burkas

I spent August in Provence, but none of our group, of either gender, wore a burkini. The ban by some French authorities of this specifically Islamic form of full-body swimwear was a heavy-handed use of state power and discriminatory. (...more)

(24 Sep 2016)

Diary: Hijabs

Advocate General Sharpston has given her Opinion in Bougnaoui v Micropole SA on whether it is discrimination on grounds of religion or belief contrary to EU law for an employer to dismiss a practising Muslim because she refused to comply with an instruction from her employer not to wear an Islamic veil or headscarf when in contact with customers. (...more)

(24 Sep 2016)

Equality and inclusion, post-referendum

Denise Keating, chief executive of the employers network for equality and inclusion, sets out enei’s view of issues that currently concern employers in a post-referendum world, and argues that diversity and inclusion are key to future economic progress. (...more)

(24 Sep 2016)

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