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Equal Opportunities Review Direct highlights the various discrimination, equality and diversity laws and practices developments from courts and tribunal from Europe and the UK.

Experienced professionals collate all the latest issues, crisis and ever-changing laws into readily accessible articles for the public convenience.

We break down these complex law issues into various sections that make them a lot easier to read.

EOR Direct explain issues such as legislation by breaking it down clause by clause highlighting the potential problem areas.

Our writers ensure that we have regularly updated blogs filled with the latest updates and news on all areas affecting the field of diversity and discrimination law.

We give a breakdown analysis and case reports of the top cases from the various Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), EU Court of justice and UK employment tribunals.

With the best insights into how various communities address legal compliances as well as best practice guidance.

EOR Direct offers insightful best practices guidance along with how various other communities address legal compliance.

For any questions or queries please feel free to write to us.  You can find out contact details in the “Contact Us” section of our website.  Please ensure that you fill in all your contact details and address your issues as clearly as possible in order for us to address your queries efficiently.