The best advice on dealing with discrimination in the workplace

Blog5 - The best advice on dealing with discrimination in the workplace

Problems at work

There are a few ways a person can try and solve any problems they are having at work.  How a person does it depends on the nature of the problem.  It can also depend a lot on how your employer reacts to the problem and or how they may have dealt with any similar problems in the past

Ways to deal with a problem in the workplace

#1           Citizens Advice Center
Your nearest citizens advice centre will be able to best advise you on the seriousness of your problem.  They may even be able to help with the mediation of the problem.  The tips below were kindly provided by Glasgow Family Lawyers 

  • Your contract of employment from the company you are working for and logging the complaint against.
  • And or a copy of the company in questions work policy, procedures and ethics
  • Any correspondence is it emails, text messages, etc. that pertain to your complaint.

think - The best advice on dealing with discrimination in the workplace

#2           Think before you speak
Before going to talk to your employer about the incident take down some notes on:

  • Exactly what it is you are unhappy with
  • The date(s) and or time(s) it has happened
  • Conversations that happened
  • Bring proof of any conversations in forms of text, emails, etc.
  • Think about what you would like to see done about the problem
  • Speak to other employees and find out if anyone else has had similar or the same problems and how it was dealt with.

img4 - The best advice on dealing with discrimination in the workplace

#3           Meeting with your employer to discuss the problem
It is always best to first speak to HR is possible about your problem before approaching your manager or director. It is always best to have HR with you whenever there is an employee dispute.  If you feel more comfortable you can take another employee with your or someone close to witnessing your complaint and the reactions of the company representatives.
Always have the proof of your claims with you but ensure they are mostly copies and that you always keep the originals of any documents.
You can even write a letter with your grievance to your boss before requesting a meeting.

#4           Filing a grievance
If you are still not getting the action or response you were looking for then you can file a grievance.  Most corporate companies have procedures for these, if not you can seek the advice of your nearest citizens advice centre.


If you cannot come to any settlement or agreement the next step will be to go the route of early conciliation or an employment tribunal.

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