EOR highlights the top 5 companies for diversity in 2018

Blog2 - EOR highlights the top 5 companies for diversity in 2018

Companies striving to be all inclusive

The best workplaces are tallied by the employees who work there.  The employee’s experiences are done through anonymous surveys to rate their employers.
The diverse groups are identified as the racial minority, LGBT, aged 54 or above, disabled and female.  The number of people per group at the workplace is also considered.

Top 5 best companies for diversity in 2018

fab - EOR highlights the top 5 companies for diversity in 2018

#1 Facebook

Facebook ranks as the best place to work for.The worlds largest and leading social media network provider gives employees a feeling of all-round empowerment and has great reward offerings for all staff member no matter their employment level, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc. Nearlyall their employees, worldwide, say that there is no place they would rather be working at.

#2 Bain & Company
A top global management consulting firm that ensures their staff are always motivated, challenged and feel like they are number one.
Most of the employees say that the people they work with are one of the top reasons they love going to work each day.

#3 Boston Consulting Group
Boston consulting group is another global management group that has a lot of employee incentives, diversity policies and standards.  The employees all rate it a first-class employer with no prejudices to anyone.

inout - EOR highlights the top 5 companies for diversity in 2018

#4 In-N-Out Burger
This chain of fast food restaurants ranks high with its employees as they tend to mix people with like-minded people to work with.  They have extremely great benefits, rewards programs and offer a free daily meal.

#5  Google
The largest global search engine comes in as the worlds number five best places to work. They have a great management team, all staff are offered great perks such as food, discounts, travel, etc.
The people are all stimulating individuals who work great as a team.


Choosing the correct place to work is not always an option for some people.  But it is your right to have a safe comfortable working environment.  There are companies and organizations to help you if you feel you are not being treated justly.

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