The technicalities of making an employment discrimination complaint

Blog3 - The technicalities of making an employment discrimination complaint

Logging a discrimination claim

If you feel that you have grounds to log a discrimination claim you should not wait too long after the event to do so.  As it must be logged at an employment tribunal court it has to be within a certain time frame after the discrimination act.

The logging of the claim of employment discrimination

  • Any discrimination claims must be lodged with the Employment Tribunal within three months from the date of the act. For example, if you got dismissed unfairly today you have three months minus today in which to log the claim with the Employment Tribunal.
  • If you are continually being discriminated against your time frame may fluctuate, in this case, it is best to contact the EASS as their helpline will be able to best advise you on the way forward with. The bouts of discrimination, in this case, will be hard to pin down and determine so it is advisable to seek the aid of professional.  They will help you with all the advice and information you will need to get your claim logged without much fuss.
  • In some cases, if the Tribunal finds the case to be “equitable and just” they may well extend the time to log the case.
  • EASS will help you with general advice on logging your claim, how to fill in the claim form and where to get/find a claim form for your case.
  • Forms can also be found on the Employment Tribunals Website and the form is the ET1 which can be downloaded or completed online. You will also find a complete guide for the site.

img3 - The technicalities of making an employment discrimination complaint

The logging of a discrimination claim that is not about employment

  • If you feel you have been discriminated against in any other area such as the buying of goods or acquiring of services these claims are usually dealt with by the various Courts.
    • Scotland these are dealt with by the Sheriff Court
    • In England and Wales, these are done by the County Court
  • Information for these courts can be found on the relevant websites:


Discrimination should not be taken lightly and if you feel you are a being discriminated against the EASS is there to help you.  There is also the ACAS and the Employment Tribunal Service that have useful links and associations.

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